Monday, December 12, 2011

Eating by Pumpkin Light

It seems to be a post Halloween tradition now, eating dinner the following night at the kitchen table by the light of the pumpkins.  I think it stems from not getting pumpkins carved until after Halloween!  And here it is just 13 more days till Christmas. The even actually took place on All Saints Day, November 1st.  We turned it into a minor celebration of the "saints that have come before."    Though All Saints originated to celebrate canonized saint's it now often celebrates all "believers living in this life and the next."  We've lost saints in our lives over the last five years with the passing of my grandmother, my father and my husband's grandmother. These people were dear to us and dinner that night, by "pumpkin" light gave us a chance to talk briefly about their lives, their influences on us and their relationships with the boys.

Cat and Moon
Moussaka, untopped, for the freezer

Moussaka, with yogurt and egg topping
Dinner, which was moussaka, straight out of the Joy of Cooking. The only change I made to the recipes was to cut the potatoes and eggplant into bite size pieces.  Both boys ate a serving and enjoyed it, without realizing what they were eating!  I think the dim lighting helped.

Sous Chef's Pumpkin

Sous Chef's other pumpkin (check out the freckles!)

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