Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Time, Cake Week, Gratitude and Peppers

  We are slowly coming out of our family time with lots of love and gratitude for one more whirl around the sun (or rather three more trips.)  We have collectively celebrated 47 years on this earth and I am grateful for each one of mine and the amazing joy that the other years have brought me as mother to Salad and Sous. 
     We had wonderful celebration meals; chicken pot pie, cake, grilled flat iron steak with potatoes salad and pepper packages and cake, hamburgers and coleslaw and more cake. Cakes were made with love for each celebrant.  With their input and tastes.  The strawberry cake didn't quite live up to Sous' imagination (he preferred the boxed cake) but we all enjoyed it.  A flourless chocolate mousse cake with a pound of butter and a pound of chocolate was rich and sweet and yet another reflection of my mother's love for me. A monkey cake for our monkey was sweet and mischievous and impish, just like him.  Pounds of sugar, butter and love were in those cakes.
     In the last week and a half we've received our CSA box twice, full to the brim with summers bounties, we've picked and cooked tomato puree (to be turned into FAMILY SECRET TOMATO SAUCE when the spirit moves me!)
     My mother and I have cooked together, done dishes together, read to the children, played and spent time together. It was restorative and exhausting all in one.  We've had family meals, dined out on the town, eaten take out, explored some more of Land Between the Lakes and taken cupcakes to school. 
    Now we aproach fall, and there is one more wonderful family weekend to enjoy, Labor Day and warm weather and playtime.
    The peppers are coming in full force right now. We have a lovely assortment of sweet peppers in our garden: pale green, sunburst yellow, little red cherry peppers, and bright orange. Together with a sweet onion, and some oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar and wrapped up in a double layer of foil they made a great accompaniment to grilled flat iron steak.  I have no after pictures. I just soaked in the love of my family as we celebrated my birthday.

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